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Reality Check: You can’t win a lottery unless you actually bought a ticket.Also, real lotteries deduct fees and taxes from the prize before it’s awarded.Notice that most email lotto scams are sent from personal accounts such as Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN or Gmail.How to Handle It: Ignore the emails and mailings or just hang up once the phone call sounds suspicious.You’re asked to keep the good news secret and immediately contact a claims agent to receive your winnings.After contacting the agent, you’re asked to pay processing fees or transfer charges upfront by phone so that the funds can be distributed.

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Some victims also receive phone calls about their alleged winnings.

One challenge about this scam is that the names of legitimate lottery organizations are often used to sound more convincing.

You receive an email or letter stating that you’ve won a large sum of money in a lottery.

Don’t we all wish the emails about winning buckets of money were real? There are hundreds of scoundrels lurking on the Internet who trick innocent people into sending them money. However, here are five growing scams worth reading about.

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Even if you’re hip to the latest schemes out there, you can pass this info along to your family and friends so they can protect themselves.You also can report unsolicited emails and spam to the Federal Trade Commission at [email protected]

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