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Sunshine Orphanage ("Morning Glory" in Japanese version) is sited in Okinawa, with connections to the Sunflower orphanage where Kazuma, Nishiki and Yumi grew up in.

After the previous owner had passed away, Kazuma decided to take over the place along with Haruka following the events of the second game.

When Kiryu and Haruka leave the orphanage, he's the one who takes over in their absence, and writes Haruka a fan-letter using the pen name "Dragon Mask Man"..

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There are ten orphans (including Kiryu and Haruka) residing in the orphanage.

Things change for them in when Kiryu and Haruka leave the orphanage, in order for the latter to pursue a career as an Idol Singer, and so the older kids wouldn't have to make sacrifices to support the orphanage.

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