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and they do not have enough homestudy-ready adoptive families for them.

What I share here is quite personal, I know, and this is really putting myself out there for scrutiny…

Lastly, in an effort to make my 37 single-spaced pages of journal entries into something more reader friendly, I have broken my writings into nine separate posts, linked one to another, instead of one massive post.

This way you can read a little one day and come back to it another, etc. Jan 4, 2008 You know, everyone has times in their lives that are simply more difficult than others. For the first eight years of our marriage, I would say that my husband and I had it pretty easy.

Not that everything was always perfect, but for the most part we were able to “make lemonade” with anything that did go wrong in an otherwise extremely blessed life.

because these are my thoughts and emotions (un-edited) as they happened.

I hope that this information will allow you to experience ‘second-hand’ what adoption was like for us, and perhaps if you are going through it yourself, you can relate and possibly see how we coped with all the ups and downs.

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So many readers have asked me questions about our own adoption experience that I decided to publish here the entries from my personal blog as they happened.

I share this because the Heart to Heart agency we used has 18 babies being born in June and July of 2010…