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You are incredibly busy thanks to powerhouse Mars's shift into high-frequency Aquarius and...

A new assignment may require a period of adjustment, so don't expect smooth sailing now.

With Kelly' on Wednesday morning and urged viewers to 'keep an open mind' when it came to Donald Trump. ' It's common for dogs to be protective of their food, but it isn't a good behavior.

Try this amazing trick to correct the behavior -- no punishment necessary.

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Woman they believe can 'fix' America One state is so solidly blue that Hillary Clinton didn't feel the need to campaign there in her battle against Donald Trump -- and it helped cost her the election.

Blue state that slipped from her fingers The television personality co-hosted ' Live!

Fans of the militant group are celebrating the victory of Donald Trump, convinced the president-elect's anti-Islamic position will rally more to their cause.

' The world is on verge of exploding' Following Trump's Tuesday night victory, many turned to Twitter to express their feelings -- and among the reactions were a ton of calls for one figure to run in 2020.

8 common dog behaviors, explained Bill Rancic, who won the first season of ' The Apprentice' back in 2004, recently told AOL Entertainment about the words of wisdom he got from Donald Trump.Life advice ' The Donald' gave him On Wednesday's episode of ' The Ellen De Generes Show,' the television personality reacted to the election in a clip that was filmed before Trump won.