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05-Jun-2015 04:12

If you don’t mind cringing at hearing a guy in tight shorts tell a girl she likes semen on her face (she’s not offended), you’ll enjoy this.

Just from Kong’s LOL-inducing impersonation of Mystery, I can see they’re well aware of the seduction community, and much like Jon Stewart, they straddle the line between entertainment and information. I could make two reviews here: one review of Simple Pickup as entertainers, and one of them as role models on how to meet women.

Their popularity is undeniable — they’ve got almost 130,000 subscribers. Because a Salon article with the headline, “Are these the greatest pickup artists of all time?

I generally avoid pickup-artist-related content — it’s one of my favorite parts of being retired from regular coaching.

But when Tre Tre sent me a Salon article about the Simple Pickup guys on You Tube, I felt compelled to investigate.

To get an understanding of their “Jackass”-like stunts, just watch the opening seconds of the above video, where Jason gets on top of a cafe chair and shouts a random Internet meme, then uses it as an excuse to approach a girl.

The threesome also offer tips on how to talk to women, such as making eye contact.

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” and the stance that Simple Pickup videos are the answer to frustrated guys seeking help, is no small claim.

The entertainment part is, well, simple: these guys are a riot.

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