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As per usual with this show, "Shadow Play" was ridiculous in several ways, but it was also shot in gorgeous film noir style and the wardrobe and makeup were superb, so I'm a happy camper...mostly.

Let's break down this episode and maybe you'll agree with me?

We open with Emily, Hanna, and Spencer trying to track Aria down so they can tell her that her boo Ezra is two scoops of cray cray.

How hard is it for him to take it home with him and hide it in a bag of Chex Mix or something? Ugh, I cannot with this epi of Back at Spencer's, the girls—minus Aria—ask Em to ask Paige about the summer that she dated Shana to see if that will give them any more clues about Ali.

Em takes this about as well as I took my high school calculus tests, which is to say not very well: We jump to Aria and Ez driving back to Rosewood.

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