Wpf treeview not updating

18-May-2016 04:51

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Although in a real-world scenario you would not do this, we'll build up the data binding for the Tree View in stages.

This will make it easier to understand hierarchical data binding if you have never used the technique before.

The one hundred and eighth part of the Windows Presentation Foundation Fundamentals tutorial continues to examine the Tree View control.

This article considers data binding between a Tree View and objects held in a hierarchical structure.

As you might expect, running the program yields only the top level results: To describe the child items in the hierarchy of objects, we need to swap the , this property is bound to a collection of items.

In the case of the hierarchical data template, this is the collection of children for the parent item. Defines the template used to display the child items.

Hierarchical Data Templates are generally defined as resources, as their in-line XAML becomes very complicated.Before we convert the existing data template to a hierarchical one, let's move it into a resource and assign it a unique key.