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10-Mar-2016 13:33

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I'd never do the same thing to a straight man in a regular bar, so I do think it's rude that those women assume they can do the same thing to gay men in a gay bar.

They'd go in there and take over the place, and they'd be going crazy/dancing all over the gay men.

They see it as a joke, like, "We can do anything we want with these guys and they won't hit on us." The person who wrote in to ask the question said that he felt frustrated by these straight women taking over their space.

Do we really want to push straight people away from activities which may help them understand what homosexuals are really like (i.e. I don't go to bars much, so I don't have firsthand experience, but it would be frustrating if I was trying to meet a girl and they all turned out to be straight.i think that it's inappropriate for a group of straight women to hold a bachelorette party at a gay bar using the gay guys there as entertainment.

if i was the person in charge of the club, i would have kicked them out.

However I have been asked by a certain co-worker if she can come out with me because she's too scared to go alone and I know that she will cause problems because of some of the things she's wanted to ask me in the past (but hey, beats being told that i'm disgusting and should be ashamed) so I haven't taken her.

I have encountered some of these people who seem to think that we're some kind of zoo attraction but mostly they have been easy to ignore so I don't see it as a big issue.

I was watching an LGBT You Tube channel where someone wrote in and requested that the You Tubers talk about this topic: How do gay men feel about straight women coming in to gay bars and taking it over?

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i have no problem with straight woman or a bunch of straight women coming into a gay bar though as long as they do so respectfully which means respecting the other people there.

Disclaimer: I say this as someone who has never been to a gay bar, so I've never experienced the phenomenon of straight women coming in and "taking over", so I can only write from the description given by the OP. Rude, and kind of presumptuous, to assume that the gay men in the bar would be okay with dancing with them, let alone to assume that the gay would would be okay with them going crazy all over them.

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