Windows xp wireless stuck on validating identity application automated laboratory manufacturing validating

15-Aug-2015 10:33

If it is just an update where do I find what to download?

I have already gone onto microsoft and updated the software. Typically it would be a Dell 1397, Dell 1510 or Dell 1520.

The computer says that 'Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network GU' and in the network places above the signal from Gonzaga it reads 'validating identity'.

windows xp wireless stuck on validating identity-45

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I am trying to save some money seeing as I'm a college student.

Thank you for any help Windows XP Version 5.1 with Service Pack 3..

I can now connect to the Network but with no internet capabilities.

Comp says: signal: very good SSID: Gonzaga University, speed:54.0-MBps, status:validating identity, address:169.2 ..

Gonzaga University uses WPA2 and the mini10 only has WPA.

Is there any solution available short or replacing the NIC or network card with an updated one?