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For a list of microform and book indexes for the non-population schedules of Arkansas, click here.

Censuses were taken in Arkansas in different years than the federal censuses.

However, if you put it near the core of a nuclear reactor, so that it is bombarded by neutrons, then this will convert it into Ar.

This isotope of argon is quite unstable, having a half-life of only 269 years.

For a list of available and missing Arkansas censuses, click here.

wikipedia ar ar dating-77

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These and other clues provided by censuses are important because they help find additional kinds of records about the family.Consequently, the amount of it found in rocks is negligible — unless you subject them to an artificial neutron source.Some of the problems of K-Ar dating can be avoided by the use of the related Ar-Ar dating method.In this article we shall explain how this method works and why it is superior to the K-Ar method.

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These censuses may have different data compared to federal censuses.Check these censuses for more information on a family.

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