Whot is dane cook dating

05-Feb-2015 17:25

SANTA MONICA, California — Long gone are the days when the world's most popular stand-up comedian was also its biggest box-office draw, but, in the case of Dane Cook, you sure as heck can't say that it's for lack of effort.The man with 2.5 million My Space friends was in a Jude Law-esque three movies this year: "Mr. [On January 1-2, Cook broke Dave Chappelle's comedy-endurance record at West Hollywood, California's Laugh Factory].Leave it to Dane Cook to shoo away dating rumors with one simple joke.

So I don't know if it holds up to Poindexter and Booger and Wormser painting that dilapidated old run-down shanty, but I certainly think it's in the top sex montages of all time. MTV: On that note, have you read what Alba said about the movie to Elle? MTV: How do you even deal with something like that, when your female co-star comes out and slams the movie you're now promoting? This movie just turned into "Chicago." MTV: When you personally reflect back on "Good Luck Chuck," what are some of your thoughts now?

MTV: Actually, I think it's the only sex montage of all time. Cook: We all cared about the project, Dan [Fogler], Jessica and myself. I haven't spoken to her about whatever she may have said. [He laughs.] What would be worse, [that] or doing a dance in the middle of your superhero film for absolutely no reason? Cook: I kind of came up through the ranks primarily as a stand-up comic, and it wasn't like I had a television show or [was on] "SNL" or something that put me on the map and these guys really trusted me to come in there and show different sides of my performances. Just two years ago you were named one of the 100 most-influential people in the world by Time.