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Read on and you will also learn why Kelly is very appreciative about being part of the A-list cast of During our interview back in January of 2015, Jason and Sam were in a very different place.What did you think about the length of time it took for Jason and Sam to be reconnected back together in story? Many viewers felt that it was long and drawn out, and that by the time of the crash where Jason began getting his memories back, that it felt somewhat anti-climatic.sat down with the elusive Kelly Monaco at the just concluded GHFCW for an exclusive interview, where she opened up on a myriad of subjects both on-screen and off.From the Jason and Sam love story since Billy Miller took over the pivotal role, to if Sam is truly on the receiving end of the Cassadine Curse, to the Liz (Rebecca Herbst) vs.Many times you think it’s going to go in one direction, and then it’s pulled into another and you are like, “Oh, OK. Now that they are solid, I am ready for the next challenge for the couple, and for Sam.KELLY: I think it’s been unfortunate for Billy that he has had to wait as long as he had to actually play the character of Jason, and not “Jake”. The writers are doing great at trying to find a middle ground of what works for the character, and what works for the future of the characters, and what Billy is capable of delivering. And in story, Sam certainly got gypped out of time, because she waited so long to have her husband back, and the man that she loves.KELLY: I feel like there will be an opportunity to not be gypped in the future.Sam fan faction wars on social media, and why Kelly feels there are misperceptions about her personally, and where it stems from.

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Speculation has been running wild on social media that Sam could be preggers.

Is there another Ja Sam baby on the way, or is there something else going on?

As for some dish on her GH co-stars, Monaco reveals her critique of her longtime soap scene partner Michael Easton, and his take on his latest Port Charles incarnation of Dr. (Don’t miss Monday’s episode when they share scenes together for the first time since he returned to GH as the quirky doc!

) One thing can always be said of Kelly – she’s the real deal, who is candid and possesses a great sense of humor.

viewers are in for major story developments in the days ahead involving Ja Sam.

On recent episodes: Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason (Billy Miller) tracked down Nikolas (then Nick Stabile) to Cassadine Island, were held hostage by Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), almost perished in a plane crash, were rescued, and through it all Sam has been having periodic fainting spells.

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