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may feel like a hefty commitment to some, but for Mark Ballas, it's just a day job.At night, the 29-year-old Texas native returns home to his girlfriend, singer-songwriter BC Jean, to record tracks for their forthcoming untitled EP.He was doing a lot of hip thrusts and started flirting with me, but I was all about the business. Five and a half hours later, we were on a date, and we've been together ever since." : "I'm used to the hectic schedule.I was always in school bands and musicals, and constantly living the life of a young entertainer. It's always go-time." : "He wouldn’t know what to do if he had free time. Ballas, 29, actually popped the question to his longtime love (real name Brittany Jean Carlson) in November, but the news is just getting out now, several sources tell .

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During the day I have rehersals, and at night I work on the music. We can get to the studio in the morning and be there until 3 a.m. pro Mark Ballas has reportedly made it official with singer-songwriter girlfriend BC Jean — the pair are engaged!Here's an excerpt from our conversation: RELATED: The Scoop on Julianne Hough's Ethereal Look on Last Night's : "A few years ago, a mutual friend of ours hosted an online concert where people could buy tickets that donated to charity, and both BC and I were on the bill.When I arrived, It was so packed that you literally could not move.

BC was on stage, and I couldn’t see her—I could only hear her. She’s got it going on.' She sounded like a mix of Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks.

I was expecting to see someone in their forties slugging whiskey, but I was in complete disbelief when the crowd cleared and I saw a gorgeous blonde." : "When Mark took the stage, my immediate thought was that he's super talented.