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17-Nov-2014 06:17

She said she was at first intimidated at the thought of meeting Hillary Clinton, but was put at ease during their first meeting by Clinton's joyous laugh.

"After that, we talked all the time," Steenburgen said. We don't talk about politics, we talk about our grandkids, our kids and about life. If there's an addiction in the Clinton family, it's to problem solving." Steenburgen said that Clinton has made many calls to her over the years telling her of injustices.

"There was the Secret Service," he said of the date.

"I wondered what I'd got into." Danson has been involved in ocean advocacy for more than 30 years and admires Clinton's dedication to the environment.

"When I met Hillary, she immediately became involved (in ocean advocacy)," he said. She picks herself up every day." South Euclid Mayor Georgine Welo introduced the couple, also speaking about Clinton's concern for the environment, and telling of the green steps South Euclid has undertaken in recent years.

"She knew the issues well, probably better than me. "She's trustworthy and works hard every day," Danson said of Clinton. "Hillary Clinton has the program to bring America back," Welo said.

Both spoke about Hillary Clinton in the Mayfield Road coffee house to a gathering of about 50 people, including several South Euclid officials.

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Danson and Steenburgen visited to campaign for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Friday, a customer opened the back door of the Coffee Phix Cafe and did a double take. Danson responded by waving an arm and welcoming inside the stunned man.

"She has the program for environmental rebirth." The actors' visit to South Euclid was put together quickly.