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12-Jan-2016 02:17

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Why in the world Jay-Z would live with another guy, let alone a suspect male model is beyond me.In looking at these pictures I notice that a lot of brothers are now dating Asian women, and there’s nothing wrong with that because when two people are in love, their skin color shouldn’t matter.These are some good brothers, there’s no question about that, but I’ve often heard Black men complain about Black women hot temper, and their attitude.The latest such incident involves Jay-Z, who’s supposedly teh ghey and lives with this guy named Larry Johnson.

As I noted in a post here a couple of weeks ago, hip-hop has never been quite as teh ghey as it is in 2007.Already this year we’ve had Lil’ Wayne kissing Baby on the mouth, Pastor Ma$e cruising for tranny hookers as if he was Eddie Murphy, T-Pain congratulating Ray-J on the size of his “meat,” and Beanie Sigel getting high on cough syrup and trying to shove his tongue down Peedi Crakk’s ear.