Who is harry styles dating

12-May-2015 15:06

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Now, "sources" are saying that Harry and Kendall are in the "talking" stage (whatever that means).There are whispers that Kendall allegedly knows Harry doesn't want to settle down, but she reportedly "hopes" that will change in the future.But as Harry filled up his car with petrol here he proved he can be just like the rest of us in his sweats.And just as we wouldn't want our love lives to be endlessly commented on, celebrities also deserve privacy and respect.

When he's at parties and on the red carpet, Harry Styles always works a rather quirky style.From gold Saint Laurent boots to Burberry leopard print T-shirts and floral Gucci suits, he's never afraid to break fashion boundaries.And most importantly, we really, really need to stop assuming that just because celebrities are sharing a meal – or a couch – they're not necessarily dating. Additionally, this assumption just feeds the flames of the myth that men and women can never be platonic friends.It possible to be "just friends" with someone, despite what the Internet may want you to believe.

— sparked gossip that the pair were dating – especially since their names have been linked before.

Even though a few weeks have passed since their meal in question, the rumors have not died down.