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Zombie is also the kind of filmmaker whose misses are as interesting as hits hits – , which follows a group of carnival workers who are abducted and tossed into a compound where they must survive twelve hours against a gang of psychopathic clowns, follow suit? Still unanswered is whether or not Zombie managed to snag that R rating.

However, the more intriguing of these two films is , which has been sitting on a shelf for some time now. Anyway, when the first trailer for the film was released over a year ago, the chief selling point was producer Eli Roth. Since then, director Jon Watts helmed the well-regarded and landed the next Spider-Man movie.

Seriously, if we had a nickel for every horror movie Dimension Films acquired and than sat on for years on end, we could run to the bank and trade them in for a crisp five dollar bill. In other words, this macabre tale of body horror and child murder is, retroactively, now the work of a filmmaker who has many eyes upon him.

Watching the trailer again (and it is one disturbing trailer) is a weird experience.

In a Facebook post, Zombie revealed that the film will receive a theatrical release on September 16, 2016. The film is executed in true stylistic Zombie fashion.

Rob is an unrivaled talent, and we are thrilled to bring his bold new film to audiences across the continent.