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Fred's reproach her drawings show talent but no ambition inspires her to try a fresh style, and she enters him for a national competition, while Erik smoothly keeps doing everything 'too' right. The film isn't emotional, it's just simply DISGUSTING.

Of the 10 finalists listed on the flyer for the barista competition, only 3 (Meredith Sanchez, Curtis Chin and Fred Jones) actually participate in the contest. The characters are as stupid as the person who wrote the script. Sometimes critics watch bad movies to criticize them, this is one I wouldn't watch even to criticize.

After handsome pediatrician and perfect gentleman Erik meets all criteria and charms her family, wedding plans are soon in the making. The trashy music is trashily arranged, and put in trashy places of a trashy story. This movie isn't just formula, it takes the formula, spits on it (not out of disrespect, it does this because it believes it will make the formula better) rubs it into dirt, and tosses it into a blender, and then it puts it's own arm in the blender for a bloody terrible taste.

Yet one impish voice nags at her, that of LA "barista" Fred, who swears by surprising his customers and usually succeeds. I cringed throughout the film, and there were no laughable or tasteful moments.

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After handsome pediatrician and perfect gentleman Erik ... Evan Cooper is the ideal match, on paper and according to her grandmother Rose Durham and friends, including an equally pushy wedding planner, for florist Laurel Haverford, who fears to...See full summary » Johnny is a high-powered executive who is definitely not looking to fall in love but a business conference takes her to wine country she meets a handsome widower Andrew who invites Johnny ...