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She's beautiful and smart and was, as far as my mom knew, still as single as the Mayor. She is quite brilliant, very beautiful -- tall, graceful, and dignified, artistically talented, and consciously principled.She is a gifted writer and has a captivating smile.Although she is reserved (and will probably never again speak to me if she ever discovers I have written this letter) and morally above reproach, she is a delight and joy to know.""Even if you pass on this opportunity to meet Adina, I wish you well.

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His cute little private jet landed in sweet ol' Southern California yesterday, bringing the boy-king back to safety. Though, of course, the world continues to conspire against him — because the world is jealous, because the world looks at Justin Bieber, sees his downy-cheecked face and is envious of his youth, glares at his high-pompadoured hair and wishes for his boldness and daring, hears the cool croons of his music and thinks "I want it! " The world is jealous of Justin Bieber, and because the world cannot be Justin Bieber, which is all the world wants, the world has decided to punish him. It seems that our childlike emperor could face actual legal charges in Argentina if officials find him suspect of desecrating the Argentine flag — a silly stupid sun caught between two blue nothings. No, they threw the flag, which was a towel actually and not really a flag, onto the stage. Stop your persecution, you horrid Nazi retirement community. And so even though the lad was back on American soil, free from the crude slings and arrows of those Southern Americans, he was still punished, cruelly. See, what happened was that someone at one of Bieber's concerts in Argentina threw a towel emblazoned with the flag's image onto the stage and Justin used it to mop up the floor, so people are saying he was disrespectful of the flag. what about the teen weirdo who threw the dang thing up on the stage? His private jet was searched by customs agents, as if Justin Bieber would be smuggling anything bad, anything illicit. O cruel place, cruel blue marble spinning in the lonely aether.

In August 2011, I was trying on a dress in a Brooklyn boutique when my phone buzzed to notify me that my mom had emailed. But that was irrelevant, as she's always believed -- and counseled me -- that love trumps politics.Expecting the usual check-in -- how was my weekend going, and here's a photo of the new puppy -- I instead read: Adina is a friend from college. Her email continued:"You really should meet Adina Evans.