Who is christopher williams dating

09-Jul-2016 13:26

There is a long of her ex-lovers whom she was romantically involved. She was later hitched to her former and last husband, Emmanuel Xuereb in 2007 but their relationship did not last for a long time.People don’t know what went wrong between them but the couple eventually parted and the actress filed a divorce and even got a restraining order against him claiming that Xuereb was violent and hit her on several occasions.Now, after a year, there is not a single talk about these two, seems like both the party have moved on and Dash has added one more name to her long list of ex-lovers.

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The news was covered by Mail Online and it revealed that the guy was almost two decades younger than her.The Fox News contributor Dash seemed very much in love with the handsome hunk, who is only a year older than her son.According to his close friend, Evers was dating Nora Schweihs from Mob Wives who was a lot older tan him.‘But he really likes Stacey and he's taken her hiking and to the Sunset Tower Hotel and she's taking him with her to New York next month,’ the friend finally admitted.

Despite the claim of Evers friend, Evers didn’t comment much on the topic and dash’s rep confirmed that she was not dating anyone and was happy to be on her own.And this is not the first time the actress has dated someone, the television personality has dated countless men in her long career and married three times, even though all her weddings ended in divorce.