When did brenda song dating trace cyrus

12-Nov-2014 17:45

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But now, the 26-year-old Brenda Song is gradually moving into her own spotlight, off her child star image whilst staying out of the public's eye outside work.

'The south is where I grew up and California is where my life really took off,' he claims.

Do you remember Miley Cyrus’ older half-brother Trace?

He sings backing vocals and plays guitar in the band Metro Station. Trace’s mother is Tish Cyrus and his biological father is Baxter Neal Helson, but he was adopted by Billy Ray. You are shirtless and yet, your upper body is more covered than mine is at work right now.

He’s dating actress Brenda Song and they’re super cute together. I’m not sure what that says about either of us, but damn! I don’t have any tattoos, but I would imagine that all of that hurt a ton to get. This is what some ink and joggers do to a girl these days.

The above picture of Trace is from 2007, when he was just a lanky, deep V-wearing teenager hiding one eye behind a dramatic, angular hair cut. Trace posted this mirror selfie to his Instagram yesterday. I’d also imagine that Trace’s skin can barely breathe under there.

Recently, she has reportedly shown particular interest in fashion as she did a project with "New Girl's" Zooey Deschanel for the "Marc By Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2014 Preview" in Los Angeles.Actually, did you even know that Miley had an older half-brother named Trace?In case you need some background, here it is: Trace Cyrus is a 26-year-old Pisces from Kentucky.Despite growing in show business, Brenda Song has managed to do everything away from the paparazzi.

Known for her characters on Disney's "The Suite Life" series, Brenda Song has taken on roles in a number of adult projects.

These include roles in the TV series "Scandal", "New Girl" and in the blockbuster movie "The Social Network." According to The Inquisitr, Brenda Song has also extended her work outside show business.

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