What does hang out mean on dating sites dating a remington model 700

25-Apr-2016 12:17

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. He is sweet and kind and didn't care when I told him that I honestly wasn't looking for an intimate encounter.

When searching, I usually ignore that setting anyway... What's the difference in being friends and hanging out ? If you hang out together I would assume you are friends or why would you want to hang out in the first place ? The irony is, in a fit of frustration (long story), I put up a profile for intimate encounter and met more decent men who were looking for more than when I had a serious profile up.

I'm assuming that some (or maybe many) men are looking at the online dating sites in the same light.

If they cast their net (no pun intended, since this is Plenty of Fish) wide enought, eventually they will catch something.

I have hang out in my profile cuz that is what i like to do.........

YOu can think what you want, but my defintion means to me: Have beerslisten to tunesplay cardswatch a movieplay poolplay Guitarplay X boxwhatever you would do with friends.................. In my personal experience, if a guy has hang-out on his profile, it just means he wants to hang out at your house or his house (preferably your house so he won't have to hide his wife's things), with a minimal amount of money spent with the hope that sex will follow.

To me it means exactly the way crazeegyrl explains it.

in my experience, just about anything on here is perceived as "intimate encounter." It doesn't seem to matter what you put up, you get messages and IMs asking for intimate encounters.

I once had a male friend tell me that some guys he knows randomly hit on women in bars looking to "hook up." The general premise is that 9 out of 10 women will shoot men down. I guess that they're looking at it as a matter of probability.

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