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The Internet is wonderful, because it is open and anyone can access this site.

Kids and teens with bedwetting from all over the world can interact with each other and help each other.

Nitric oxide is effectively the chemical that signals the need of the penis to become erect.

Reply There is indeed a relation between masturbating and a weak erection.

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That is the job of the parasympathetic nervous system.

That means the parasympathetic nervous system looks after the psychological part of the masturbation.

There are ways to get around this problem, but first let me tell you how your habit can affect your erectile capacity.

In most cases, the liver gets impaired due to excessive masturbating accompanied by the parasympathetic nervous system and the hormones.

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The reproductive organ is made up of a spongy tissue known as the corpus cavernosa.

When you get excited, this spongy tissue becomes engorged with blood. But what sends the message to the brain that the corpus cavernosa needs to be engorged with the blood?