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When ordered to strike, women refused to perform their expected duties and roles, including all domestic, sexual and maternal services.They would leave the town en masse, carrying only suckling babies.What men most feared was the Council's power of strike action.

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This was headed by the Agba Ekwe, 'the favoured one of the goddess Idemili and her earthly manifestation'.

If angry enough, they were known to attack any men they met'.

Citing similar examples of women's strike action in hunter-gatherer and other precolonial traditions around the world, some anthropologists argue that it was thanks to solidarity of this kind—especially collective resistance to the possibility of rape—that language, culture, and religion became established in our species in the first instance.

Also the mayor of Bogota, Antanas Mockus, declared the capital a women-only zone for one night, suggesting men to stay at home to reflect on violence.

A sex strike, sometimes called a sex boycott, is a strike, a method of non-violent resistance in which one or multiple persons refrain from sex with their partner(s) to achieve certain goals. Sex strikes have been used to protest many issues, from water resources to employment equity.

The female characters in the play, led by the eponymous Lysistrata, withhold sex from their husbands as part of their strategy to secure peace and end the Peloponnesian War.

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