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01-Jan-2016 17:57

Rather than creating a new environment of intrusive monitoring, the laws that are coming through state legislations are more or less catching up to the reality in these care settings, Lundy said.

“Certainly the cameras are already there,” he explained, “Anybody who is walking around—a staff member, visitor or family member—if you walk in with an i Phone, you have a video camera in your pocket.

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Just a couple years ago, The Atlantic called this style of monitoring a “big-brother model,” arguing that round-the-clock observations have to balance a fine line between securing health outcomes and being intrusive.

However, the five states that have passed camera monitoring laws for nursing homes—Texas, New Mexico, Washington, Oklahoma and Illinois—each have a consent process, and cameras are only installed and utilized if residents or families want them.

These laws formalize the process a bit more.” Camera monitoring laws, like one that was recently approved by Utah lawmakers, expressly permits these cameras in resident rooms at a family’s request with some standards to ensure other residents are protected as well.

All states with these laws require written permission from roommates to consent to be monitored by cameras.

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However, the laws could also have several positive effects by clearing up uncertainty and regulating actions that are already being practiced, according to Lundy.

Granny Cams Sweep the States The bills are aimed to protect families that want increased monitoring for their loved ones and increase accountability among caregivers.

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