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Once you open the grid, clicking on their picture will bring you to their

By hovering over their picture and then clicking their name, you will see their user details on the chat.

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When you start the player you can click the Link button and watch a video alone, or if you're a moderator/owner click Broadcast and the video will be sent to all users on the player, unless they have the no broadcast (key) button.

The player can play videos from Youtube, Veoh, Youtube Live (Google Hangout), and Myspace video, as well as display Photobucket pictures. You can find the games on the left hand side of your chat box, below the youtube player.

Games include Chess, Darts, Doodlerace, Four in a row, Hearts, Matchrace, Pool, Shoot, Snakerace, Spacewar, Switch and Zwhack. Using doodle, you can draw with everyone in the chat who is also using doodle.

If you Private Chat people you can draw with them alone. You can also import images from Photobucket into Doodle with the Dood power.

Click the smilies tab to view a list of the available free smilies and some powers.Below are all available effects and what they do: Xmas adds christmas lights to your picture.