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A single page with the latest news and tech stories from some of the Internet’s most popular websites. Editions will contain different sets of feeds that are both topic and country related so you have have even more up-to-date goodness delivered in the usual format!

To celebrate THEWEBLIST.net's 10th Birthday and the site's loyal users (that's you lot) - I'm fixing the site!

The comic's story revolves around the Slice of Life tales of Sabrina, a quiet skunk who works as a web designer.

Unable to find another job after being replaced by a clip-art library, Sabrina finds work as the webmaster for ZZ Studios, a porn studio run by its star and namesake, Zig Zag.

As you may have noticed a few of the feeds are no longer working. Stay tuned and follow me @iamtk on twitter for updates.

Schwartz, who consistently managed to release the comic's monthly batches of strips on time for twenty years (1996 to 2016).

The tone is gently restrained, with an uncomfortable heroine growing used to her new job—and an eventual love interest—while her friends (including her living toys!

) around her have their own personal adventures in life and love.

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Schwartz brought the series proper to an end on the 15th of September 2016, twenty years to the day of the first strip's publication.earning criticisms towards their basic history knowledge.