Walster dating study

18-Feb-2015 03:47

Walster et al (1966) used four judges to rate the attractiveness of 752 student participants.

The class was divided into two groups and asked to rank the physical attractiveness of each bride and groom on a scale of 1-20, with 1 being most attractive and 20 being least attractive.A class median rank was obtained for each bride and groom, from which a statistically significant positive correlation was found between the level of attractiveness for the bride and groom couples.Similarity in the level of attractiveness between partners also seems to be associated with progress in a relationship.Folkes (1982) analysed the behavioral steps taken to form relationships with 67 couples of a dating service.

Each member had access to information about a potential partners’ personality and interests in the form of a questionnaire, a photograph and a five minute videotape of an unstructured interview.

Dating decisions were therefore not based solely on a person’s physical appearance.

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