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07-Nov-2014 22:14

“Auckland alone will now have 65 more defibrillators for the public to access.

But this move is especially critical to smaller communities, like the West Coast of the South Island, which have been crying out for defibrillators,” Christine said.

The defibrillators talk users through the process, making them accessible to all.

St John Medical Director, Dr Tony Smith, says tor every minute without CPR or defibrillation, a patient’s chance of survival falls by 10-15 percent.

They’ll be available to anyone in the community to use, whenever the Z site is open.

More neighbourhoods across the country now have free access to defibrillators in their back yards, with Z Energy installing them at all its more than 200 retail sites.

Z, in partnership with St John, is rolling out the life-saving devices this week.

AEDs shock the heart back into rhythm and are essential in the chain of survival for somebody suffering cardiac arrest.

“New Zealand’s low rate of public access to defibrillators remains an issue so AEDs at Z stations in New Zealand communities is an excellent step forward,” said Tony.

"Now people will know exactly where to go in an emergency to get access to a defibrillator, no matter what time of the day or night it is,” Christine said.Z’s network of sites up and down the country makes it perfectly placed to deliver more defibrillators into communities, especially after business hours.

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