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Krieger shouts that he doesn't get offended when she confuses the Dutch with the Swedes, either time that happened.

During a gunfight with a gang of Cuban hitmen, Cyril Figgis accidentally hits her projector; Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend then appears in Krieger's van.

Given her immediate friendliness to him and Cyril's proven inability to keep it in his pants, it's possible something ensued.

Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend complains, but Krieger attests that he was tired.

Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend is seen reading pornography in Krieger's lab as he is being arrested by the FBI.

During a confrontation with the Yakuza, Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend is seen reading pornography again.

She is offended when Krieger accidentally calls the gangsters Chinese.

When the gunfight ended, Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend tries to comfort Krieger (since his van was heavily damaged), but he rejects her help and tells her not to touch him.Krieger shows off his new van to her, and later the back of the van can be seen rocking, implying they were having sex in it's rear.Sterling Archer tells Cyril Figgis that Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend is so real that the State of New York was going to allow Dr. However, the holographic device that stored her was destroyed in a fit of rage by Lana Kane, effectively "killing" Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend.Krieger eventually succeeded in rebuilding his girlfriend, although he considers the first incarnation a mother and the second her daughter.

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Krieger is seen planning to eat sushi and watch tentacle porn with her.

When Archer tells Krieger to pretend to help Barry Dylan get off the ISS Horizon, he gets an erection over the possibility of a cyborg fight between Barry and Ray Gillette.

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Again, I didn’t say no – I just laughed," she added."The third time we were swimming in a cage surrounded by sharks, which was scary. I was screaming because I could see the elephant was about to charge towards him."The former Debenhams worker has been dating Hasselhoff since 2011 after meeting him in a Cardiff bar whilst he was filming 'Britain’s Got Talent.'Roberts asked the actor for a picture, and he replied by asking her for her phone number, and a few days later they went on their very first date. … continue reading »

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