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Here are five tricks to make sure you’re on top of your Facebook game: Read the first Facebook message you ever sent to a friend Get ready for a trip down memory lane (and for a great #tbt) without endlessly scrolling through conversations.The easiest (but slowest) way to see the first Facebook messages you sent to a friend is to download all your Facebook data, which you can do by going to General Settings and following the bottommost link. In this new page, you’ll see a long URL with a lot of numbers. The “7” refers to the indexed messages that appear; your messages are indexed from 1, 2, 3 … You’re going to want to set that number as close to the total number of Facebook messages you’ve ever sent to your friend — this will get you straight to the oldest messages.This can take hours or days because the function compiles every single message you’ve ever sent, among other data. (This is the mobile site, and its URLs display differently, which you’ll use to your advantage.) Now click on a friend’s chat. To get this number, open Facebook messages on the desktop link: https://Click on a friend’s chat, and scroll up — you’ll see something like Load Older Messages (51583), which is approximately how many messages you have with this friend.More than 1 billion people regularly use Facebook, but that doesn’t mean they’re all well-acquainted with the social media site.It’s constantly being refreshed, and between profile redesigns, new apps and privacy changes, it’s hard to keep up.Swap in that number in the long URL from before, and reload the page.

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— and now you’ll be back to the very first message. Then you’re probably not a fan of read receipts — that note that says “Seen ” followed by the time or date you opened the message. There’s also Crossrider’s Chat Undetected, which works for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.There’s no way to disable read receipts within Facebook, so you’ll have to turn to third-party applications. warned last year to attempt any of these methods at your own risk, as Facebook’s Terms of Service state, “You will not do anything that could disable, overburden, or impair the proper working or appearance of Facebook.” Remove “Last active” time on Facebook Messenger Here’s another common grievance for those concerned about their activity privacy — that line that says something like “Active 1m ago” on Facebook’s mobile Messenger app.

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