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The analysis of ink is an integral part of the overall analysis of questioned documents.Although many documents are written today by computer and printed off on computer printers and/or copied on electrostatic copiers, handwriting is still widely used in many documents.

Other private examiners have also testified to the results of accelerated aging.

The case results described in this paper are just a sampling of the results that were accepted as evidence.

Also presented in this paper is a demonstration of the reverse extraction phenomenon which is the fact that some inks extract faster or more completely as the ink ages.

Introduction The concept of accelerated (artificial aging) as a way of estimating the age of paper, as measured by the folding endurance test, is well established and documented (1-5).

The results obtained using accelerated aging were verified either by the examination of known dated writings, examination by another examiner, or by the identification of dating tags in the inks. Speckin ABSTRACT This paper presents the results of several actual case examinations in which accelerated aging was used to estimate the age of ball-point inks on questioned documents, All of the results described in this paper were admitted as evidence in court.