Updating with linq

04-Nov-2015 09:55

While this code partially fulfilled my need both it and the assembly System. available for download from Nu Get lacked the exact functionality I required.

Specifically it did not allow me to execute a full lambda expression represented as a string against my entity objects.

i4o reduces the amount of code required to implement custom indexes in collections to mere specification of indexes for classes, while allowing LINQ queries over Indexable Collection to automatically use the indexes where appropriate.

i4o makes the idea of indexed LINQ not just a theory, but a "here and now" reality.

Moved to Git Hub: LINQto VFP Project Description LINQ to VFP is an IQToolkit Provider written specifically to target Visual Fox Pro data.Using i4o, the speed of LINQ operations are often over one thousand times faster than without i4o.i4o works by allowing the developer to specify an Index Specification to implement a collection of that class that will use the index specification, rather than sequential search, when doing LINQ operations that can benefit from indexing.In addition it lacked support for Take and Union as well as many other extension functions, though these were the only two with which I was interested.

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This ORM can be used in any scenario that utilizes an IQueryable.A couple notable areas would be using this ORM in a WCF Data Service and/or an ASP. IQToolkit Code Generator LINQ to VFP – Example #1 - Website Example showing how to display data in a readonly Grid View LINQ to VFP – Example #2 - Website Example with an editable Grid View LINQ to VFP – Example #3 - Website Example with a Detail View for inserting a record Linq To - This is a Linq To Vfp rewrite of the Linq To Sql-Linq To Northwind sample code found in the Visual C# 2010 Samples Wcf Ria - Simple proof of concept example showing how to wire up LINQ to VFP with WCF RIA Services.

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