Updating win98

23-Jun-2015 21:18

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So, sorry, no solution and my guess is that the update feature no longer works - and, if it doesn't work on Windows 2000, I highly doubt they would keep it active for ME or 98.

I would advise hunting the rollup updates, such as this one for Windows 2000.

(Error video) You might try Windiz Update, the free alternative to Windows Update, that allows downloading all updates for a Microsoft OS as one update pack.

It is said to go quite a long way back, but I have no way to test for all the versions you mentioned.

I bought her a new printer and tried to install it - but all new printers are only compatable with Win 98 and above.

Will I encounter many problems installing the 98 software, and how can I get Windows 98, since it's not available through Microsoft anymore? Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win95.general.discussion (More info? ) It is an easy upgrade, but you will probably have to try e Bay or one of the large online stores to buy a copy.

or/and, Microsoft have simply disabled the update servers.

I even manually downloaded the update rollup, which installed fine - but, it doesn't fix this issue.

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Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win95.general.discussion (More info? Her computer can only handle a small upgrade (she has 48 mb - WITH 84% free).I also don't think she's capable of much more technology, or I'd buy her a new computer too. Here's some info about the various types of W98SE CDs: (from Ron Badour) RETAIL FULL INSTALL: This CD will either upgrade W95/98 to SE or you can install it to a blank hard drive.I am running Win98, ME, W2K in Virtualbox VM's, windows update does not work for IE5 on any of them (page loop), I have managed to update them to IE6 and it continues to go into some sort of page loading loop, Is this a VM issue or just outdated browser/OS issue?Does anyone know how to get Windows Update to work on these older versions of Windows? Edit, double checked W2K, it does not have a problem with Windows Update.

I have not been able to test Windows 98 or ME as I do not have a disk to hand.However, I just tested Windows 2000 and on an out of the box setup (build 2195/SP4, Internet Explorer 5.00.3700.1000)), I was unable to reproduce any install loops you saw. This error I believe is due to the age of the Operating System and the fact that many of the out of the box certificates have expired and are no longer working...