Updating two garmin

13-Mar-2016 14:38

It doesn't help resolve the issue, but might at least give you some comfort that you aren't alone.

Kevin The best I can suggest is the map them either on the Garmin Site (giving you only on route/off route capabilities) or map them in Ridewithgps.com, and download the GPX file.

This will semi-brick your Edge 510, and you will be forced to do a hard reset and set up your Edge all over again. I won't need to sell at a discount when it all goes back. The 810 got tcx file support with v2.4 and the good folks at Garmin support told me that the 510 would too.

I've done it twice, so it's not a one off incident. So I tried it and it crashed my 510 and forced a hard reset to factory settings.

Garmin, you have to [email protected]&% fix this $#@& NOW, or all Edge products in my store are going back to the distributor and my staff will no longer be permitted to recommend Garmin products to our customers. Or is there a completely bug-free product you'd like to recommend in its stead?

In v2.3, if you placed a tcx file in the new files directory it would simply ignore the file. I even tried to connect it to usb and remove the file but it won't boot far enough to connect.

The update has arrived and they still haven't gotten it right. Did you try to put the tcx file into the "courses" folder? I did not try that, but am glad to see that Garmin has finally discovered the concept of communicating with their customers....

Hopefully v2.6 will resolve this last issue, but it can't take another 3 months. I only wish they had sorted out these issues prior to release. I have just bought a new 510 unit and updated straight to v2.5 without being aware of these issues. There was a brief time when I was on 2.3 that the TCX file imported correctly.

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I have 3 routes that I need to upload onto my Garmin for a trip I'm taking this weekend. (Nevermind my frustration with Garmin's native mapping tools, especially now with Open Maps doesn't support cue sheets). I updated to 2.5 last night and have the same experience.

If I have a TCX file in 'New Files' the device won't boot past the "GARMIN" splash screen.