Updating tomtom 1

03-May-2015 21:13

The GPS worked fine but it does not have a complete map due to development. It deleted the map that was already on there and tried to add a Canada, US and Mexico map which is too big for the device.In addition the unit does not have a SD slot to expand the hard drive. Tom Tom does not have maps that can fit on the device.Downloaded the quick fix update and installed on my device. The last update drained the battery completely and the kicker was now my computer will not recognize the device once it is connected to USB port for updating.Spend good $$$ for devices that are to make life most easier and I end up with nothing but a bunch of tech junk.

I think TOMTOM owes me the best device on the market and see what happens to that after 2 years of ownership and map updates.

If I ever buy another GPS navigation device it will not be any form of a TOMTOM. I have a new job where I have to constantly use GPS.

There is an on going problem with the 6000 series Tom Tom. Unfortunately, I can't update anything anymore because of the dodgy USB port.

The USB port on the Sat nav seems to fail very quickly. The Sat nav is now slowly becoming useless to me because of lack of updates. Cannot remember my first one, but the same problem developed on both devices.

So I threw it away and I'll never buy a Tom Tom again.

Back to Garmin for me.0/year for maps forever?!?