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23-Apr-2015 21:04

The bloggers usually tout this setting as a magic bullet to solve color shifting problems between Photoshop and unmanaged applications — but it is actually basing Photoshop's color on one single unique device-specific profile — your color always looks consistant on your one monitor for sure, but it looks "different" on every other monitor in the world.

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When digital color looks bad only in Photoshop and color-managed applications like Apple's Safari, Preview, i Photo, Aperture, including Adobe's Lightroom, Bridge, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Image Ready, Premier and color-managed Web browsers like Firefox and Safari — there are three basic areas about how to troubleshoot and rule out the monitor profile: This educational resource is best to test, troubleshoot, identify and fix monitor profile issues.

Includes Adobe Photoshop CC Creative Suites CS6, CS5, CS4.

A bad video card or problems with its driver and GPU can also cause these types of color issues, including certain colors appearing black, wild psychedelic colors (see hardware issues below — update your video card driver from the GPU maker's website (AMD/ATI, NVidia, Radeon, Intel).

Simply download the .zip, extract the Whacked file and drag its icon into an open Web browser window — fully color-managed browsers (and applications) will display my high-resolution Tagged Whacked RGB image properly — un-managed browsers and applications will display it with a bizarre blue color cast (as seen in the above thumbnail).*Firefox configured using its Value 1 is an exception: Like Photoshop, Firefox Assigns a default Profile (s RGB) to all untagged elements, honors embedded profiles in tagged elements, and Converts them to the default Monitor Profile (Source In conclusion, if your setup is displaying the Whacked RGB file at least okay, then the problem points to your "problem" files — they either have profile issues or the actual problems Photoshop is showing you. While this method is not definitive — if desaturated RGB shows a color cast, or any gray step is not distinctive from the next — your monitor profile is certainly off and needs to be recalibrated (or you possibly have a very cheap monitor).

Of course, that only works perfectly when the Monitor Profile "matches" s RGB — and even 'calibrated' Monitor Spaces never actually "match" s RGB — but it works okay for most people (until they get a wide-gamut Adobe RGB-type monitor and all the colors go haywire).

Photoshop read an embedded ICC profile (they apply the correct Source Profile) and Convert (re-map, alter) it to the Monitor Profile (the monitor's 'calibrated' color space) and display its theoretical "true color."Color-managed applications will most likely display a file differently than non-color-managed applications because they, like Photoshop, compensate for the monitor profile before displaying it, whereas, non-color-managed applications and systems generally send the color straight through to the monitor unaltered.

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