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07-Dec-2014 03:35

Also it made it really difficult for opponents to hate out combo.

Path to Exile was a more than reasonable answer to a giant Marit Lage token but was downright embarrassing against Thopter Sword.

The second list eschews much of the artifacts-matter theme and jams the Thopter Sword Combo with the Dark Depths/Vampire Hexmage combo.

With all the card selection in the world, you could chose to assemble whichever two card combo was easier.

The combo is best disrupted by destroying or making an opponent discard Thopter Foundry, not Sword since it can come back to play.

The Old Extended Deck 4 Path to Exile4 Spell Snare3 Mana Leak4 Muddle the Mixture2 Wrath of God3 Tezzeret the Seeker4 Thirst for Knowledge3 Sword of the Meek4 Thopter Foundry3 Engineered Explosives3 Chrome Mox3 Talisman of Progress Cavaglieri’s list used an artifact based control shell with Tezzeret and Thopter-Sword as the win conditions.

Sot M has been on the banned list since the inception of Modern due to its synergy with Thopter Foundry and the combo’s ubiquity in Extended.The Combo It’s worth noting that Sword itself can be in the graveyard at the start of this combo as long as you have another artifact to sacrifice.

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