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17-Nov-2015 06:33

Unless your Linux or Mac operating system is very old your Te X installation is probably Te X Live.To install the fonts you first need to acquire a copy of the font files from PCTe X. The complete version must be purchased; however a free "lite" version is also available. Next you should download the MTPro2 installer file (version 1.1, April 2016).Users interacting with Te X using a front end program are sometimes unaware of the vast support machinery acting invisibly behind the scene.This machinery consists of Donald Knuth's command line program, which does the actual typesetting, and of an enormous number of fonts, macro packages like La Te X and Con Te Xt, style files, documentation, configuration files, and the like.If you downloaded Mac Te X as recommended under the "Obtaining" tab, double click Mac Te X to begin the installation process.Follow the same procedure if instead you obtained Basic Te X.Math Time Professional 2 is a set of math fonts that can be used, with a text font of your choice, to replace the standard Computer Modern fonts in Te X/La Te X .

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Math Time is designed to work well with Times New Roman text fonts.

They are designed to be most compatible with various Times New Roman families, such as the built in Te X Gyre Termes, but also work well with other families, such as Baskerville.

There is now an installer for the Math Time fonts that works for Linux or Mac OS X systems running the Te X Live or Mac Te X distributions.

The easiest thing is to save both the font files and the installer into your Home directory. If you've saved the font files in a location other than your Home directory you will need to updating Te X Live databases Te X Live updated; checking that MTPro2 works...

Succesfully compiled La Te X file with MTPro2 included. Documentation available at /usr/local/share/texmf/docs/ If you have success with other setups you might consider dropping me an email.The enormous collection of programs and support files is called a Te X Distribution.