Updating table with integer values using jdbc in servlets

11-Dec-2014 10:06

To use Derby, you start the Derby server, then you use Java database management tools to connect to the Derby server, create and populate databases, run queries, and so on.The Derby plugin for Eclipse described in this article integrates the Derby server controls into Eclipse, so you can start and stop the Derby server from the Eclipse environment.Summary The Eclipse Web Tools Project delivers a feature-rich environment for developing J2EE database-driven web applications.This tutorial walks you through the process of creating a simple database web application using Eclipse WTP, Tomcat, and the Derby database engine.Learning to use the Servlet API and Java Server Page technology to generate dynamic content is just the beginning.Installing and configuring an open source J2EE web application server and a DBMS, and getting them to talk to each other, can require significant developer effort.You will need the following software to build the project: Derby is an open-source pure-Java Database Management System.

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Like most popular DBMS's, Derby is a client/server system.

The Derby engine runs as a server process, accepting connections from client applications.