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29-May-2016 03:33

It’s incredible the coverage generated by yesterday’s blog article on the further i Mac upgrade restrictions.I’d like to personally address some questions, context, and provide additional technical detail concerning this issue.We’ve been excitedly covering these new i Macs starting with an unboxing and teardown blog post just hours after they were first introduced.Most i Mac buyers (and buyers of anything Apple in general) are more than satisfied with how things are right out of the box.The vast majority will never even think about after purchase options that Apple does support, such as installing additional memory. But pardon us or anyone who wants to make them even better. In our lab, we have all the different flavors of i Mac 21.5″ and 27″ 2011 models currently shipping.This includes one or more of each model processor option and/or video option.

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Of further note, the base 99 i Mac model doesn’t have any factory drive configuration options – it is only offered with the 500GB capacity drive.

The following non-Apple Drives are new units pulled from OWC’s drive inventory:***and a ‘zinger/wildcard*** *Unaltered, current drive – but also used for other previous testing.