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28-Mar-2015 09:13

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I have to manually press alt+F8 and click run so the code will loop every slide 2.

EDIT: Finally got it working without running the macro once. the updates were dynamically updated when the show passed slide 2 or just the beginning.

Assuming I have 2 slides in the show, when is passes on slide 2 it will trigger the update links and loops back to slide 1 with the updated OLE links.

It took me a lot of reading to get to this part but I cant get it to run when I start the show.

Is there a way so that the slideshow will display my updated data within the show and I wont have to manually stop it and click the update link.

Also loop your slideshow so that when it passed the slide 2 or just the beginning of the show, it will update all OLE links. If your question isn't answered here, post it on Microsoft Answers: The Power Point Support Forum (and the former Power Point newsgroup, etc.) Thanks to everyone on the newsgroups for asking such interesting and challenging questions, and a very special thanks to the Power Point MVPs and the Oughta Be MVPs who've contributed so much to this site and to the larger Power Point community. If you need Mac-specific help, you'll find some here, but more at The Office For Mac Help site. Here you'll find Power Point Help, Power Point Templates, Power Point Tips, Power Point Add-ins, How-Tos, Links and much more.

Now there are some that still dont have solutions for this problem, hope this helps you. I installed the Auto included in the zip as an Add In and activated it in PPT2007 and PPT2003. and then created a normal module/macro with this code. Update Links End Sub Sub On Slide Show Page Change(By Val SSW As Slide Show Window) ' ' AUTO UPDATE OF OLE LINKS MACRO ' If SSW. Current Show Position = 2 Then Active Presentation. Please make sure that you save your powerpoint in macro-enabled format both for 20, this is because I have two versions of ms office.