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25-Nov-2015 13:35

A new teardown of the PS4 gives us a look at how the So C itself was assembled — and how Sony chose to hedge its bets a little when it came to yield.

(For some real-world speed comparisons between the Xbox One and PS4, watch our exclusive side-by-side speed test video.)Chipworks has published multiple die photos of the So C, and they show us some very interesting things about how the chip was built.

Each core is roughly 3.1 millimeters square — exactly the size AMD gave for that chip.

The large (rather plaid) boxes in each quad-core arrangement are the L2 cache.

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The Play Station 4 and Xbox One may not offer an enormous jump over last-generation graphics out of the gate, but the So Cs inside the consoles — semi-custom APUs made by AMD — are a huge leap forward in terms of integration and capability.

Both consoles integrate functionality that was previously broken out into multiple chips, using the most advanced 28nm process currently available.