Updating linux

04-Mar-2015 01:55

If there are updates to install a left click on the icon will yield a list of them: Selecting Run the Package Manager will launch e Sudo prompting you for your password.

Once you have entered your password you will be greeted by eep Dater: Here you have the option of selecting individual packages to update by selecting the checkbox under the “upgrade” column or you can quickly select all packages by clicking on the Select All button at the top.

Once packages have been selected, click on the Apply button and the system will begin updating your system. See Xorg#Troubleshooting for information on where and how Xorg logs errors.There are multiple methods to keep your Bodhi Linux system up to date.The simplest method is by using the eep Dater application.

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This way, you can revert to a working version in case of problems.Editors like vim and emacs can do this automatically, as well as tools like etckeeper which keep in a version control system (VCS).