Updating iis ssl certificate

01-Dec-2014 18:50

Microsoft only seems to trust CAs if they pay an unrealistic amount of money – who’s surprised?It is worth spreading the word since this CA is about trust instead of money.Otherwise having a valid certificate for your server often just means that you spend money to big companies called . for your private web server running HTTPS at home) and do not really care whether the CA is contained in other people’s browsers. The only difference is that your clients will get a warning when contacting your server that the CA is not (yet) trusted.This can be either safely ignored or you can make them install your CA’s certificate. This article helps you set up your own tiny CA using the Open SSL software. If you trust the CA then you automatically trust all the certificates that have been issued by the CA.

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It is also a good solution if you need a company-wide CA. On Debian this means running field so that it’s clear you are looking at a CA – not a person. So name it "ACME Lasagna Certifiate Authority" instead of "Peters Blaphemic’s Fun Certificate".