Updating archive quickfinder indexes

10-May-2016 09:23

Also, I suggest SP7 - Anders Gustafsson (Sysop) The Aaland Islands (N60 E20) Discover the new Novell forums at does not monitor these forums officially.Enhancement requests for all Novell products may be made at Anders, OK, so the Net Ware QF has some limits and I might be hitting those.Regards, Paul You are probably hitting the 32-bit limit in QF.Only way around is to run it on Linux or split your index into multiple.Now the index job appears to almost finish but then dies with an unknown error.Here is the log Indexing started at on 10/09/2008 Merge Incrementals started at on 10/09/2008 Indexing ended at on 10/09/2008 Total Time = 23,064 seconds or :24 (d:h:m:s) Indexing Time = 16,531 seconds or :31 (d:h:m:s) Merge Time = 6,533 seconds or :53 (d:h:m:s) 28.0% of total time was spent merging out of memory indexes.If I try running the QF on Linux what are the options for accessing the files on the NW server and which is best? When you compare the QF product directory on sp5, sp6 and sp7 they are the only thing that changes. - Anders Gustafsson (Sysop) The Aaland Islands (N60 E20) Discover the new Novell forums at does not monitor these forums officially. But finding it is arduous, and would consist of pruning/archiviving and then Reducing. Bell Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sysop Author of Guinevere ( PLEASE: Do not e-...

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This is on NW6.5 sp5 and the index is of a branch on a local volume. I had a few problems where the SYS volume ran out of space during the index process but I have since expanded it to fix that.Thanks for the ideas, I will try to split the index into two jobs.I could index some file types in one job and then do all files but with exclusions on the second. I was getting abends using the sp5 QF so I have actually updated the QF executables to the sp7 versions (2 x nlms and 1 x jar). It is likely a specific item in the mailbox it doesn't like.I've searched for the F041 error and can't find any information about this. Error updating quickfinder index I have noticed I keep getting the error updating quickfinder index for userxxx on my POA. Error updating quickfinder indexes My GW 6.5 POA is reporting this error: The database facility reported error [F03E] on Error updating quickfinder indexes: [F03E] and I can't seem to find any information on it. It seems to be happening about in the morning, which is in the middle of my backup, however, the POA and the MTA should be shut down at this time (they don't run during the backup). Sporadic Quickfinder Index error We run Quickfinder on a NW6.5 Sp7 (OES-NW) server.

End Processing Collection: Projects_Current Indexer failed with error code 8004F050 Index Job Ended on 10/09/2008 It appears to have done the difficult stuff, indexing and merging, but then fails.

I could not find that error code anywhere, or any Quickfinder error list. Other index jobs are running fine but they are smaller.