Updating a form in ms access

13-Dec-2015 23:23

updating a form in ms access-63

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Box "This is a plaintext message.\n Click OK to dismiss", vb OKOnly + vbinformation, _ "Message Title" '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' Getting the result back Dim dr As vb Msg Boxresult dr = Dialog. ", _ vb Yes No Cancel + vb Question, "Confirm action") If (dr = vb Yes) Then Delete Records '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' Using named parameters Dialog. To ensure that the user’s choice is remembered even if the Access application is updated, the message’s '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' Re-enable the display of a previously dismissed message: Dialog.

Box Prompt:="All your bases are belong to us", _ Buttons:=(vb Ok Only + vb Critical), _ Title:="Bad error" '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' Using the Rich Box to display simple HTML ' The first line will be bold, then the word 'button' will be printed in red ' Here the \n will be escaped to 'There are a few additional settings that can be used to change the behaviour of the enhanced message boxes. Reset Dismiss ID "1234ABC" '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' Re-enable the display of all messages: Dialog.

Rather than using the bland standard message box you can now have something a bit more customized. Box Prompt:="A path c:\my\doc\file.doc", _ No Str Esc:=True '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' Change the default behaviour. ' Here however, we want to disable that so we can display Dialog.

Plain Text version of the enhanced custom message box under the Office Blue Colour Scheme: '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' Simple use of the Plaintext box ' Note the use of n that will be converted into a newline Dialog. Box Prompt:="A path " & Esc Backslash("c:\my\doc\file.doc") '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' Use Dismiss ID to allow the user to never show the message again. Box Prompt:="An annoying warning message", _ Buttons:= vb OKOnly + vb Exclamation Dismiss ID:="1234ABC" The user can then tick the box and this particular message will never be shown again (unless we reset the setting for it).

If you don’t overuse font size and don’t display in multiple fonts the used to calculate the size of of text.

updating a form in ms access-3

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Sometimes you need to display an important message or require users to make take a decision. Default Saved Text File Folder = "C\:temp" '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' By default, all messages are unescaped.

Message boxes are not to be abused but they serve a useful purpose. ' Here however, we want to disable that so we can display Dialog. Default No Str Esc = True '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' Use Esc Backslash() when you only want some portion of text ' to display '\' correctly, like paths.

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