Turbo lister not updating store categories

07-Jul-2016 05:55

I have spent 8 hours talking with them with no luck. That really screws things up and is painful to work around. some categories don't allow you to specify a returns policy. I've seen FREEWARE (from hobbyist programmers) that has a better interface and is more reliable that TL. if it works better, it seems logical that people might list more. Of course I never update it as I'm sure that is what makes it so glitchy. Only takes a few minutes and well worth it to not have to fight any glitch you get when you just update. You're obviously not mad enough to recognize that you're not getting service.

You can select multiple products right from your products page, select a profile to apply a set of predefined options and list them all on e Bay with just a few clicks.

Thanks, Tom If you are able to back up your Turbo Lister, do that. I'm also an avid Turbo Lister user (but please don't mistake that as being an ''avid fan'' of Turbo Lister... )Turbo Lister is one of the clunkiest and poorly designed programs I've EVER seen! The standard Windows keystrokes and shortcuts don't work.

If you get back up and running, go into options and turn off automatic updates, which will stop glitchy or broken updates from being added.

• How do I add a counter or e Bay Picture Services upgrades like Picture Pack? • If I want to transfer my data to a new user profile, how do I do that? • How do I revise my active listings using Turbo Lister?

One might assume (incorrectly) that with all the resources e Bay has, they could do SOMETHING (ANYTHING! Since their main concern (at the moment) appears to be to drive up their listings, then a new and improved TL would be in line with their current goals. and by the way, all those sellers who want to sit there and talk about it? If you did you'd pick up the phone and file a complaint outside of the walls of ebay.

They keep taking the ''easy'' way out and the Sellers suffer because of it. You fall for what ebay wants, they want to contain it. they want you to bring it to them so they can sit on it and hope you dont realize you're a consumer and you have people to go to.

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