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13-Dec-2015 07:26

polyamourous Although most of us have the thought that we can truely only be "in love" with one *special* person in a one on one cheaters are cheaters....maybe the person just wasn't being honest with themselves to begin with and there in is the problem....

Sometimes life throws you a curveball and you swing and miss.

Well adultry is not exceptable and changing partners just because your bored isn't either. The idea of having sex with someone while in love with someone else is conceptually a combination of mutually exclusive ideas to me...

I dunno & who's to determine or define ones own definition of love?

I think it would depend on the ppl involved and their theories....ppl say yes you can be "in love" with more than one person.....

The answer, like I said above, is that people are capable of anything. Just How can you cheat on a person that you answer is NO,for if you do cheat on your truly loving partner, then just WHERE IS YOUR LOVE, SOMEWHERE ELSE THATS WHERE.

The real question is, can you learn from your mistake and control yourself in the future? Can you build trust again if you truly do love that person?

Unless of course both these women are making out with me at the same time, then of course it is purely in the realm of “fantasy come true”.

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If you cheat on someone, you are not truly in love. You perhaps love the person but not in love with him/her. Life happens and sometimes life is very, very ugly. People cheat on people they are in love with all the time, just because YOU haven't doesn't mean it can't happen to someone else. Seem to me some people on here have no idea of what true faithfull love is.

Just because you cheat does not mean it wasn't true love. As i myself have been a ' victim ' of a cheat, my wife during my marriage, my view is definitely NO, and before you ask i was not unfaithful to give her the reason in the first place. I think some people need to open their eyes and realize that just because they feel like they couldn't doesn't mean it is impossible. It is so easy to sit back and look at others and say they weren't in love, but it just simply isn't true. if it is true love why have all these relationships failed.