Travis pastrana dating

21-Jun-2016 17:12

sixth annual "Body Issue," which hit newsstands Friday.

ESPN initially asked Pastrana to appear in the Body Issue last year. Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana, a professional skateboarder, was pregnant, so the shoot was delayed a year."It's really an honor to be part of it.

"The funniest part was that the production assistants seemed more embarrassed.

Most of the photos used in the magazine were taken while Travis and Lyn-Z were riding together on a Suzuki motorcycle - dirt and mud covering their nude bodies."We had an awful lot of fun that day," said Travis, who in a video segment to promote the shoot is seen sitting on his favorite dirt bike and proclaiming "I don't know why I feel so cool naked!

"Lyn-Z was asked if the couple was at all nervous or self conscious about being naked in front of a director, multiple photographers, video cameramen and lighting technicians."A little bit at first, but you get over it fairly quickly," she said.

Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana, 24, is a pioneer among female skateboarders and has eight X Games gold medals under her belt.

Travis Pastrana has ridden his motorcycle hundreds of times along the trails and over the jumps he created on his Davidsonville property.

Pastrana had never done so with his wife on the back of the dirt bike while both were naked, with a camera crew filming and photographing their every move.

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